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Sand Offices verslo centro vestibiulio vizualizacija

Monumental and conceptual architecture with strong
historical grounding.

Newly revived urban integrity, which conveys a site's historical and cultural signs, is becoming an important driver of change. The new business centre's architectural solutions tell stories of the ceramics industry that flourished in the area and the first glass factory in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Sand Offices looms on today's horizon as a solid foundation for far-sighted businesses, providing the comfort and calm you need in the midst of a bustling city.

A business centre that meets the highest energy and sustainability standards


A + energy class

Be confident about the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your building. The new business centre features excellent thermal performance, good airtightness, high-quality heat-insulating windows, meticulously blocked cold bridges and a reliable mechanical ventilation system.


Work with peace of mind, knowing that your every action helps to safeguard the future – from energy use to ecology. Sand Offices was designed from the very start with the BREEAM EXCELLENT standard in mind. This international standard and certification system for assessing buildings’ environmental and human impact ensures that the project meets globally recognised international requirements for green buildings.


The highest energy standards and the pursuit of BREEAM EXCELLENT certification ensure that over time the building’s quality and dependability will not waver, and that its value will increase. The quality of Sand Offices is clearly visible not only in the exterior architectural solutions, but also in the interior. The finest finishings are found here, creating a sense of longevity and distinctiveness.


The architects behind Sand Offices, AKETURI, are working with other urban visionaries to bring new life, new residents and new businesses to long-forgotten places. Stressing urban community values and aware of every person's need for individuality, AKETURI believes it is precisely in this struggle between community and individuality that new urban perspectives are born.

All your business ambitions fit here.


We'll lay it out to suit your needs

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For everyday convenience and comfort.

01 Outdoor areas

In a garden set off from the street you can catch your breath and find respite from the noise of the city and work. Take a walk, meditate or just breathe deeply - whatever you like, since these places are specifically designed to connect people with nature.

02 Balconies and terraces

Breaks can be inspiring! Individual office floors feature large balconies with live indoor trees, and on the roof of you'll find a terrace overlooking the central business district and the recently opened Japanese Garden.

03 Restaurants

Enjoy the building's own dining options or explore others nearby. The new Sand Offices is surrounded by the cuisines of many countries. You'll be impressed not only by the lunches but also the dinners.

04 Commercial premises

All office spaces are tailored to your business's desires and unique vision. From the second to the seventh floor, offices will be fit out according to the needs of the specific clients or their designers.

05 Showers

Cycle to work? Or jog? Or maybe it's just a really hot day? Sand Offices will adapt perfectly to your active lifestyle: freshen up and get ready for a day of work in the modern showers and changing rooms.

06 Scooters and storage

Arrive to a sense of safety and convenience. The building will have both underground and surface car parks, including storage for bicycles and scooters too.

07 Green spaces

Your eyes and heart will love not just the sights, sounds and smells of nature shown on a giant LED screen in the ground-floor lobby. They'll also drink in nature on the balconies and in the green inner courtyard.

A business centre in a growing up-and-coming part of the capital.

You don't have to travel far to find a true synergy of nature and city life. Work and create value in dynamic, resurgent Šnipiškės.

Need a breather or a bit of inspiration before making big decisions? This strategically convenient location lets you quickly reach not just the main parts of the city, but also green spaces and parks. The Japanese Garden, the Neris river valley and other nice places to relax are all just minutes away. 

While it's true that Šnipiškės is populated, it's also a newly awakening neighbourhood, where new living spaces are being built and existing housing is being reconstructed. Well-developed infrastructure will let you enjoy a real work-life balance, and you won't have any long commutes to work.

Living in synergy with other businesses is a great strength and advantage. Sand Offices is surrounded by many other business centres, so you can quickly reach colleagues from a wide variety of fields and always stay in touch with the market's pulse. 

The new Sand Offices are surrounded by various places to eat, relax and indulge in different cuisines during exciting dinners or lunch breaks with special offers. These are great spots to negotiate business deals with your partners or enjoy some high-quality leisure time with your family after work.

Žalgirio Street is a prominent and well-known place in the city with easy access by both private and public transportation. The adjacent Geležinio Vilko Street connects Vilnius's main arteries, which makes getting around the city quick and easy.

Anything you might need will be accessible to you in a heartbeat. A convenient transport system and three big shopping centres in the neighbourhood (with spacious parking lots) will ensure that all of your shopping is done quickly and with ease.

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