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Sand Offices verslo centro vestibiulio vizualizacija

In place of the old building, a new business center will be built in Šnipiškės in 2024

Investment management company Capitalica Asset Management is developing a new office project Sand Offices on the site of an old office building. The business center, located at the intersection of Žalgiris and Linkmenu streets, will offer modern offices, sustainable solutions, A+ energy class, and will be certified with a BREEAM Excellent certificate. The project will be more open to the city’s inhabitants, and public spaces are planned to be built near the building. The development will follow the principles of universal design and the business center will be adapted to the needs of all office tenants.

The new business center in Vilnius and its highlights

The facade of the office building will be finished with clinker bricks, giving the impression of durability, quality and luxury. The ground floor of the building will be dedicated to commercial spaces, lunch restaurants, retail spaces and a cozy reception area. The ground floor will have high ceilings and tall windows on the facade, creating a sense of space. From the second to the seventh floor, there will be office spaces, arranged according to the needs of specific clients and/or their designers. The building will also have underground and surface car parks, which will provide parking spaces and bicycle/scooter storage, showers and changing rooms. Tenants will have the possibility to hang company logos on the facade of the building, rent private balconies or even private roof terraces.

Meaning of Modern Business Center Šnipiškės

The construction of the new business center in Šnipiškės, Vilnius, will have a significant positive impact on the local economy. The Sand Offices Business Center will not only create new jobs during its construction phase, but will also attract businesses in the future, which will stimulate job creation and economic growth in the city. In addition, the construction of this business center will contribute to the improvement of the city’s infrastructure by creating a modern and up-to-date facility that meets the growing needs of Vilnius’ business and community. The new business center is also expected to have a positive impact on businesses in the area, creating synergies between them, and increasing footfall due to the influx of professionals and visitors.

Office rent in Vilnius: why should companies consider this option?

Businesses of all kinds should consider renting office space in Šnipiškės because of the many benefits the business center offers. Modern premises, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a contemporary design will create the ideal conditions for your business to thrive. Located next to the central district, the new office building will create a positive synergy with other businesses and residential buildings. The strategic location of the business center, good public transport links and the parking facilities will make it extremely convenient for employees and customers to access the premises. Office rentals, commercial space for lease and other opportunities are planned to open their doors to tenants as early as 2024. Žalgiris St. is a highly visible location, making Šnipiškės an attractive solution for companies looking for office space to rent in Vilnius.

Modern office space for rent in Vilnius and its advantages

Moving to a new business center in Šnipiškės can bring various benefits to your business. The modern infrastructure and its community-oriented approach provide ample opportunities for growth, development and long-term relationships. In addition, the collaborative environment fostered by the business center will create opportunities for partnership and synergy between business communities, leading to potential mutual growth and success.

How will the Business Center contribute to the city’s development?

The establishment of the new business center in Šnipiškės will significantly contribute to the development of the city. The business center fits in with the city’s renewal and modernisation initiatives and becomes a modern facility that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the city. In addition, the modern office building will play an important role in attracting national and international companies to the capital city, thus raising the city’s profile as a business location in a global context. The jobs created in the business center will also contribute to the overall employment prospects in Vilnius and to the economic development of the city.

Renting space in the future business center in Vilnius: everything companies need to know

For companies planning to rent space in the future business center, it is useful to be aware of the different office sizes and configurations available to meet the needs of different companies. It is also important to understand the lease terms and lease agreements so that companies can make informed decisions about the office space they need. Sand Offices business center will aim to provide customisation and flexibility to meet the specific needs of each business. It will also ensure that tenants can tailor their workspace to suit their business needs, thus creating a favorable environment for their business to flourish.

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